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Skulls of Luci

The Skulls of Luci are a gift to the collectors, collaborators, & each individual who placed an offer on my genesis series: LUCI Chapter 1

There are 50 unique paintings, 49 can be seen here, but can also only be claimed by those individuals.

One remains: the origin point which each skull is based on: The Blueprint Skull on SuperRare.

The Partition is formed … End Chapter 1 … These former husks / Vessels adorned with ancestry / Carry the code / Of shared memory // Though flayed and quartered / The bone is porous / Fertile grounds / Ripe for the return // New flesh grows / Once we learn how to die / Souls for the bankless / The tree decides // Power sown in urns and ashes / Eternity learned / in collective demise.

Mar 2022
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  • Artist: Sam spratt