Petra Cortright - Room

  • Simco Drops presents Room, it’s inaugural NFT release with Petra Cortright. For this work, Cortright built a heavily-layered digital landscape composed from a mixture of brushstrokes and found images, totaling to 50 unique layers. She then utilized a custom script that cycles through the 50 layers, randomly selecting and de-selecting elements and rearranging them with dramatic results.

  • The first drop of 100 works is the result of the script processing the file and producing outcomes with 15 final visible layers. The 2nd drop of 100 works consists of 30 visible layers, and the final 100 with 45 visible layers. After the 3rd drop period ends the top 3 collectors who acquire the most Room artworks will each be awarded the prize of a unique Room work that utilizes the full 50 visible layers. Each Room artwork purchase also includes a link to the unique PNG image file via the IPFS gateway.

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