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Silhouettes from the Past

Pdi Sports Art presents the 'Silhouettes from the Past' animated GIF collection. This Sports NFT collection is a representation of the printed wall art collection we have on the website in the same name. These art designs are dedicated to some of the legends and cult heroes from the world of Football and Sports.

Part of the Pdi Sports Art NFooTball collections.

Note: These Pdi Sports Art NFT's don't include the original print Artwork that is on sale on the Pdi Sports Art website in a framed print, aluminum, and acrylic. If you are interested in any of the Artwork or a print, visit the website.

FREE GIFT: If you purchase any of our NFT's for over .25 (quarter) ETH you will also receive a free Acrylic wall art print (30cm x 30cm) from our online store. Some of the NFT's we offer are derived from our original digital art so the print may well be on the same topic.

More Sports NFT's available and coming soon on our OpenSea profile.


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