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Shibafriend NFT Batch 1

We are introducing 5,000 limited edition Shibafriend NFT from our Co-founder and Graphic Designer Thanh Hai!

Shiba has been making a big headline in the crypto world. Shiba became famous when Elon Musk started to promote Dogecoin. As the fame continues, Royshi helps Shiba to start its own Shiba Inu cryptocurrency. Shiba Inu has stormed the world when it becomes an instant success overnight! Today Shiba join in Shibafriend as a Brand ambassador to promote more dogs and cats becoming internet influencers. Today everything successful is about sharing economy. is a metaverse PLAY TO EARN game where you can adopt virtual dogs and cat families and watch your cute pets grow! Buy land, build and decorate your cool pet house and play fun puzzles, adventure, cooking, and dress-up games! Take care of your cute dogs and cats family – feed them, make them go potty, bathe, dress up with cute clothes and play cool mini-games with your pets!


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