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Vieri Bottazzini | Shades Of Blue

My OpenSea GENESIS Collection, Shades Of Blue is one of my most personal projects, one investigating the deeper nature of the human soul.

In 2014, I first went back with a camera to a place where I used to spend my summers as a teenager, the Cinque Terre in Italy. Walking on those forgotten, yet familiar, rocky shores triggered memories and awoke the sleeping ghosts of summers past.

I started investigating the life of those rocky sleeping giants, existing and ageing in between two worlds, the underwater and the above-water. Like shades of blue, their presence is real and unreal at the same time, they appear for a brief moment only to disappear again when the water swallows them back. The project then evolved and took a life of its own, the camera occasionally embraced the sky, rocks made of ice and rocks made by man appeared.

And so it went, Shades appeared for 7 years, in 7 countries. Now, slowly chasing the ghosts away and with them the blues, I keep walking my path of discovery.

Aug 2021
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