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Sengoku Verse 2

About this collection

ERC 721

DISCOVER THE NEW WORLD. Welcome to the world of Sengoku Verse, born from a deep reverence for Japan's Sengoku period and its rich culture. Prepare to embark on a journey of discovery, as you immerse yourself in the vibrant realm of Sengoku Verse. Unleash your imagination and embrace the anticipation of this exciting new world that awaits you.

10% minted501 / 5,000
Sengoku Verse PFPs
  • These are the PFPs of the characters living in the world of Sengoku Verse.
  • PFPs will initially be offered through "Tamate-box." At a later date, "Tamate-box" will be opened, giving birth to a diverse range of unique characters from within the box.
  • PFP holders will be able to participate in the world of Sengoku Verse.
  • Please make sure to acquire these characters, born from deep respect and inspiration for Japan, in Sengoku Verse!
Metaverse and Web3 games and more

We will create a unique community in the metaverse space for all holders of Sengoku Verse PFP. This metaverse, "Sengoku Verse," will feature various exclusive content that can only be accessed by residents, including Web3 games playable only by residents, a special merchandise shop, exciting events, and dedicated NFT distributions. We are also planning incentives based on the number of NFT holdings and implementing a ranking system. Let's together nurture the growth of Sengoku Verse!

  • The screen is an in-progress image and subject to change.
Why do we use AI?
  • We wanted to introduce a diverse range of characters with unique personalities into the world of Sengoku Verse. Instead of having similar characters with just different hairstyles or hair colors, we aimed to create characters with individual personalities, much like in the real world.
  • It was challenging to imbue each character with their own unique traits using traditional creative methods, but it became possible through the power of advanced technology, specifically generative AI.
  • However, generative AI is still in its early stages of development, and it cannot meet our desired quality standards on its own. We have successfully brought the characters of Sengoku Verse to life by incorporating creativity into the AI-generated images. The development speed has significantly improved by leveraging generative AI.