Selfish by EDO

Eduardo Sanabria -better known as EDO- makes his debut as a crypto artist publishing his first work as part of a series in NFT format called "Selfish".

In this work, EDO seeks to bring his style and point of view to these surreal-looking pop icons with his particular touch, to the collectible digital world. He shows a darker side of these egomaniacal fictional villains that have become part of popular culture.

"They are characters in which for them nothing else exists, but their own, their interests. It doesn't matter the consequences of their actions. They all have the same pose. Are they taking a selfie? Are they your reflection in the mirror?"

With this work, Sanabria also urges us to reflect on the role of these characters and their influence, the feelings that are generated around them, and the fine line that exists between loving or hating them.

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