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Shrapnel Sigma Containment Unit - Polygon Collection

Players enter the ruthless lands known as the Sacrifice Zone where they compete to collect gear (in the form of NFTs) and a mysterious compound called Sigma. Players win by surviving long enough to reach one of several contested extraction points where they can escape with the loot and claim it as their own forever, but if they die, they lose it all. It’s the ultimate high stakes treasure hunting experience. Successfully extracted loot is placed in the player’s persistent inventory, which the player uses to build their loadout in future gameplay sessions.

With the Sigma Containment Unit (SCU) NFT, holders will embark on a pioneering journey through the evolution of Shrapnel's player-creator tools. You’ll not only gain early access to these tools but you’ll receive exclusive content that will enhance your Shrapnel experience and unleash your creative potential.

Mar 2023
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