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SCli 100 Views Collection

Introducing the "SCli Collection: 100 Views" - an NFT collection set in a virtual museum, showcasing SCli's artworks. Immerse yourself in a captivating scene where visitors sit and admire his art. Their concealed faces add intrigue, while unique clothing reflects their personality.

In this unique NFT collection, each artwork captures a specific moment within the virtual museum. The focal point is a solitary bench, bathed in soft, ambient light, where a mysterious visitor sits, entranced by SCli's masterpieces. The visitor's face remains concealed, allowing the imagination to run wild and adding an intriguing touch of anonymity to the collection.

What makes this collection truly extraordinary is the diversity it presents. Over the course of 100 NFTs, you will witness a remarkable array of visitors who have been captivated by SCli's artwork. Each visitor is exquisitely rendered, showcasing a distinctive personality through their attire. From eclectic outfits that

Jul 2023
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