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Sax Inspired Electronic Music - LITTLE BIRDS EP

Ricky Sweum is a sound artist, producer, musician, educator, and electro-acoustic saxophonist. “One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is, music is a universal language that bridges cultural differences. Embedded in this realization is, music at its deepest level, is NOT about the music. Rather, music is a non tangible energetic force that brings people together in a shared transcendental experience. Music is about listening, being open, responding in meaningful ways, and saying yes to the experience being presented. Music is the means to create a vibe for others. The intent behind my music is to stimulate people’s creative passions. Everyone has creative potential, and everyone expresses creativity in unique ways. It’s my hope that hearing my music will inspire listener’s creative juices to live and express life in more unharnessed ways.”

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Jun 2022
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