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Salvador Borpi

Brought to you by the MoMB

The Salvador Borpi collection is a truly unique and groundbreaking NFT art series that blends the popular Borpa meme with the iconic surrealist style of Salvador Dali. This innovative collection explores the intersection of internet culture, crypto art, and fine art to create a powerful new art form that speaks to the digital age. With its bold, abstract designs and playful nods to classic works of art, the Salvador Borpi series is a must-see for any art lover, meme aficionado, or crypto enthusiast. Explore the intersection of the internet and fine art in this one-of-a-kind collection today!


Andy Borphol:

Vincent Van Borp:

MoMB blends popular internet culture with fine art precedents, subverting the art canon to develop an entirely new and widely recognizable NFT art form.

Oct 2021
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