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Studio 104 Production Collection

My Name Is Paul - Martin: Murray, PHOTOGRAPHER EXTRODINAIRE! At about the age of six years old, I started to became a young entrepreneur, around the year 1958. I Started in photography doing my own dark room form of processing and printing contact sheet in black-and-white. My father had a friend named Mr. John Pain, who taught me how to develop photos in his large dark room found within his basement. After using his dark room, I went home and built my own out of a refrigerator box. Then, I move from the refrigerator box dark room into a laundry room. From this point, I purchased an enlarged black-and-white printer, which allowed me to master photography. I learned from dark room to dark room, how to roll my own film and package it, so that I can go out shoot the amount of pictures that I wanted to shoot per roll. This collection is a representation of my greatest 35mm film photographs, I want to share with the world.

Jan 2022
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