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About this collection

ERC 721

Introducing the very first generative NFT for the popular Splinterlands game! With thousands of active players across the world, Splinterlands is heralded as one of the great pioneers in play-to-earn blockchain gaming. Be part of history by minting a unique one-of-a-kind Legendary character that will be playable within the game!

The Riftwatchers have shared the secret for creating magical constructs that are powered by rune-enchanted cores. These floating golems are called Runicore, otherwise known as "Runi". Battle Mages like you now have the opportunity to craft a Runi of their own. Junkers have been sent out to collect the necessary components. Rune Crafters and Technomancers ae preparing the assembly areas.

What kind of Runi will you create?

54.2% minted3,521 / 6,500
Extraordinarily Unique

With over 2 Billion different combinations, each Runi pulls from a wide assortment of traits that span from cute to weird to cool and everything in between. Find the perfect Runi that reflects the style and personality that resonates with YOU. When played within the game, not only is each Runi extraordinarily unique...but they are powerful max-level Legendary cards that can turn the tide of battle! Prepare to claim victory (and rewards) within the arena!

Stats and In-Game Use

With more than 2 billion possible trait combinations, no two Runi are the same. Each is uniquely yours, making it quite possibly the MOST special card introduced into the game. By connecting your Ethereum wallet to Splinterlands, your Runi becomes playable in battle as a max level Legendary Neutral card!

Like any other card in Splinterlands, you can summon your Runi to fight for you in battle. Climb the leagues and leaderboards, win prizes in tournaments, and help your guild brawl its way to fame and fortune…all with your trusty Runi by your side.

New Ability!

With the introduction of Runi comes an exciting new ability! Upon reaching zero health, the Runi will resurrect themselves and return to the fight with 1 Health! Combined with its abilities of Opportunity (which targets the enemy with the lowest health), True Strike (it will never miss), and Reflection Shield (making it immune to indirect damage), the Runi will be a powerful staple in your deck.

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is an online collectible card game that lets you earn while you play using the power of blockchain technology. Traditional turn-based TCGs like Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon can last 30 minutes or more. Splinterlands, on the other hand, uses a draft-style approach, and each battle only takes 2 or 3 minutes to play. Once you’re matched against an opponent, you'll build your team using the cards in your collection. The battle then plays out automatically in a quick, action-packed format.

In Splinterlands, players truly own their cards. They can be collected, used to battle for rewards, rented to other players, or bought and sold on the peer-to-peer market. Splinterlands lives on the Hive blockchain which, unlike other blockchains, has no gas or transaction fees. All you need to start earning is a spellbook and some cards.