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"ROOTS IN EGO" is a 35-minute, cinema-quality short film from filmmaker 113kw (Kristina Weiserova), that explores the question of where does evil come from. ROOTS IN EGO had its premiere in 2016, its public premiere in 2017, and has been in development since 2012. 113kw wrote the script with inspiration from the people around her at the time, as well as from philosopher Paul Brunton. 113kw directed and produced the movie, and held its premiere in Prague, Czech Republic, Europe, as well as over 20 screenings between 2017 - 2020. These screenings were indoor and outdoor, accompanied by music events, art exhibitions, workshops and conferences. The film also had a showing at a movie festival in Perth, Western Australia.

By acquiring NFT from collection, you are taking on the role of an OG FILM F(O)UNDING FATHER and supporting the development of 113kw's next film project. Holders of ROOTS IN EGO NFTs will get special benefits and will help bring next film project from 113kw to life.

Mar 2022
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