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The news just hit: New York was the epicenter of the pandemic. The weather was finally warming up after a long cold winter, and we were told to stay inside.

Times were uncertain, no one knew how long this would last. Through my Brooklyn apartment window, I watched as New Yorkers found solace in the one place that was safe to be outside: their rooftops.

Rooftops turned into gyms, art studios, offices, and rehearsal spaces. I found inspiration watching the resilience of my fellow New Yorkers - in the true spirit of the city, making the most of a grim situation.

I picked up my camera to document what was unfolding in front of my eyes. I didn’t realize at the time that this was turning into my most important body of work, which was capturing this historical window of time.

This genesis collection of 1/1 NFT Photographs show the spirit of survival, and this is a celebration of people making the most out of a bleak situation.

Dec 2021
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