Rogue West: Crypto TCG

Rogue West: Crypto TCG is a trading card game you can play anytime, anywhere. Travel across the alternative Wild West, where danger awaits at every corner: zombies, fanatics and outlaws of all kinds. Due to simple rules, you can play right in your favorite messenger, Twitter, Reddit or any other social network.

Only 100 copies of each card will be minted. The number of cards on the market is strictly limited so their price will skyrocket after they are sold out.

Rarity & Prices:

  • COMMON - bronze frame / yellow paper (Ξ0.005)
  • UNCOMMON - silver frame / white paper (Ξ0.010)
  • RARE - gold frame / black paper (Ξ0.015)

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the new Wild West. Just like Rogue West: Crypto TCG!

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