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Rod Neer - PopKick

Rod Neer is a German digital artist. Trained as a colour litographer and educated in economics, his art combines craftsmanship, passion for new ideas, harmony, imagination and a sense of color. His clients include Volkswagen, Citroen, Mercedes-Benz.

The PopKick Edition is a series of Pop Art works that capture the magic of football. Football is creativity and the courage to take risks, but also discipline and stamina, ambition and fighting spirit. Fun and suspense are the core of the game.

In the PopKick edition, Neer visualises chance and the unexpected. The ball embodies movement, thrill and luck. Through the medium of art, Neer captures the electric atmosphere of a match. The suspense on the pitch is mirrored on the canvas. A snapshot of emotions in the present moment. The ball is the focus, the players are the cast. Neer's favorite format is the square, connecting the symmetry of the ball and the bundaries of the pitch. The magic of football flows into a digital perspective.

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