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"Robromides" is an NFT Web3 project set in a post-human world. The Robromides, robotic friends, now rule a galactic empire once plagued by warring human factions. Under the Robromide Federation of Allied Bots (RFAB), peace reigns supreme. The project features mintable NFTs portraying characters from the Robromide universe. These NFTs can be staked through a smart contract for earning Bromidian (BRO) tokens. Liquidity for BRO tokens is backed by sales from comic books and merchandise showcasing Robromide characters. "Robromides" merges art, storytelling, and blockchain to create an immersive experience. Discover the post-human world, join the RFAB, and collect unique NFTs. Stake NFTs for earning BRO tokens tied to comic book and merchandise sales. Immerse yourself in this futuristic universe, celebrating friendship and unity.

May 2023
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