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Rob Evans - March Dig NFT

March Dig NFT is a groundbreaking digital artwork that explores an innovative approach to the relationship between artist and owner. Rob Evans, a prominent American realist painter who has also experimented in digital printmaking since its earliest pioneering days , and Andrew Evans, a biotech guru, have teamed together to create a chameleon-like digital artwork, that allows each subsequent owner to use their genetic data from 23andMe as a key to unlock special content which symbolically and subtly modifies the work to reflect the owner's genetic information, shifting the narrative in a way that is unique to each owner, yet still maintaining the integrity of the artist's original vision. Although released in a super rare edition of 10, each NFT actually becomes a personalized one-of-a-kind artwork as it is transformed by the owner's genetic information. The first-time owner of each NFT in the edition will also receive a signed archival digital print of their genetically modified-image.

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Jun 2021
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