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Regenerative Beer-Farm Scenes

Interested in NFT art with a purpose?

These regenerative beer-farm tokens are directly linked to sustainable land management practices, intensive bio-carbon sequestration practices, and even innovative homemade farming implements!

These art tokens are created using real scenes from our permaculture focused regenerative beer-farm. Their proceeds directly support our regenerative practice which are depicted in each individual token. As minted NFT’s they have the ability to maintain their trading value… and hopefully even increase in value as the Web3 community begins to support tokens with a positive mission.

Also, for you folks out there with digital dwellings in the metaverse, these regenerative beer-farm tokens make great pictures to hang on your virtual walls as authentic glimpses into a permaculture world just beyond the frame!

Digital window scenes of a regenerative beer-farm. Each view is unique, only one copy minted.

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Jan 2022
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