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Reflected Abstractions

This collection contains digital photographic images of "Reflected Abstractions" seen in glass windows on city buildings. Unlike mirrors reflecting reality, the glass in glass-clad skyscrapers reflects "abstractions" of the surrounding world. Each building, and each window in each building, reflects differently, and the reflected abstractions change dramatically with changes in lighting, the weather and with one's angle of view. Scanning the facades of glass-clad buildings, I seek to capture photographic images of artful and appealingly complete abstract compositions framed in one or several or many windows. My NFTs are all photographs. The shapes and colors are fantastical, but very real. There are 3 Series in this Collection labeled "S" for small images of up to 5 window frames easily viewed on a smart phone, "M" for medium-sized images of up to 15 window frames, and "L" for large images of many window frames containing remarkable detail. Visit for more details.

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Feb 2022
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