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Rami Meiri

Rami Meiri is considered the pioneer of Murals in Israel and the most prominent artist in this genre. His paintings excel in blurring the boundaries between reality and illusion and emphasis the special perspective that turns the wall into 3d. His first mural , that is considered the first one ever made in Tel Aviv, was painted on Gordon Beach in 1980. Since then, this art has developed and has become an important part of Tel Aviv's cultural mosaic. Meiri's paintings can be seen throughout Israel and abroad. Some of them are visible in street paintings, educational institutions and industrial plants, and the rest are hidden in large mansions. Over the years Rami has developed various techniques for this painting genre and has acquired many tools that he now enjoys sharing in master workshops and accompanying groups from the stage of developing the idea to the creative stage, using a variety of accessories and materials, through which you can create stunning paintings in a short time.

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Aug 2023
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