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Rainbow of Emotions

Claims are made that individuals on the autism spectrum do not have emotions, do not feel, do not express as others may. I am 13. I am on the autism spectrum. I am now more than aware of my emotions, sensations and feelings. Sometimes it is not 100% clear. At least now I can verbalize what I feel. Most important, I can draw what I feel and/or sense.

Every color of the rainbow - and its hues - represents an emotion, sensation, feeling. Can you relate?

Unique collection. 1 of 1 for each emotion, sensation or feeling and its color.

Feb 2022 - I discover my emotions range a wide variety of colors.

Additional items added to this collection are about a variety of colors of the rainbow that also relate to our emotions. Which color and emotion talks to you?

I am telling you - I can feel 5 or 6 of these emotions per day! It can be intense.


19 items