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RAIKU Originals

These Are Raiku Original NFT Cards. Each Raiku Is Unique. While They May Share Traits, No Two Raiku Are Exactly Alike, Raiku Are Cards that can be used to obtain assets, traits, and other powers or advantages in Glewme city, entering the codes from your ownership card, will allow you access to upgrades, hidden abilities and a lot more, no drawing a card to play, you never know what power or secrets a Raiku may hold, until you hold and Register that Raiku. After the first drop, Raiku will be given new powers and assets, each time they are sold, they will be renewed while users will retain any benefits from ownership this ensures continued value for used cards. to Get Benefits you must REGISTER! OWNERS REGISTER AT RAIKU.IO

Also, In The Tradition Of Giving, Which Is A Popular Raiku Tradition, 1 free card, will be minted in each release and new edition, So Keep An Eye Out, Who Knows.

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Feb 2021
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