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RaffleMint 01 - 90Gen Heroes

Welcome, one and all to the very first in our Gen-0 RaffleMint Series!

This is the beginning of a grand adventure with epic prizes and amazing digital collectibles. Before you lay 18 back-to-back raffles, which means 18 chances to win 6.9 ETH. And with just 555 tickets per raffle, you'll never see better odds than you do here.

We hope you will join us for the excitement of the draw, and stay for the experiences that are to come as Pixel Raffle regularly launches new projects, including our very own Web3 ecosystem, 8-Bit Legends!

Your Pixel Raffle ticket will automagically transform into an 8-Bit DeGen: 90Gen Heroes playable PFP. An upgradable avatar for use across the entire 8-Bit Legend game ecosystem!

This, the first of six sub-collections in the Gen-0 line up, will mint out over the course of 3 raffles, at which point the 90Gen Heroes sub-collection will be revealed and we will announce the next theme in the collection!

Sep 2023
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