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Monster Rafo Collection

Important: From 13 onwards they are all unique (1/1), but from #1 to #12, there are 5 copies (x5) of every monster.

Monster Rafo is a collection of 313 very scary -but still kinda friendly- creatures that inhabit Universe 13, a strictly theoretical universe that has not yet been proven or discredited. Although is still a theory, it is said that some Monster Rafo like to disguise as well-known beings of our own universe.

In this collection, there are 13 special gold edition Monster Rafo that like to show up on the 13th of every month or at very rare special moments. Each Monster Rafo has been hancrafted by Rafa ORyan and is an absolutely original NFT that lives on the Polygon Network. Your Monster Rafo grants you access to occasional exclusive NFT drops and comes with a high-quality image in case you want to print it.

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