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Quiet Solitude || Season 1

“Quiet Solitude || Season 1” is a collection of 20 one-of-one night scenes from the streets of Chicago. These photographs share a common theme - solitary figures. Shadows in the night barely lit by the city. Who are these people? What’s their story? Where are they going? I’m drawn to the shadowy figures, intrigued by the mysterious silhouettes popping in and out of the streetlights.

“Quiet Solitude" is not just a reference to the subjects in this collection, it’s also a description of myself. I typically shoot alone at night. I feel open to the city’s secrets and better able to observe fleeting moments. Yes, I am alone, but I feel at peace and strangely connected to the silhouettes dancing across my viewfinder.

I hope you enjoy the collection and find something that connects with you!

Nov 2021
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