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Quantrian Series 1

The Quantrian Series 1 is a limited collection of 100 unique images from generative algorithms inspired by Piet Mondrian, Vera Molnár, and other modern abstract artists. Quantrian code relies on truly random numbers derived from the measurements of quantum energy fluctuations in the electromagnetic field of a laboratory vacuum chamber. The algorithm is given a blank canvas, and quantumly random numbers direct decisions about color, dimension, arrangement, and more.

Like a quantum fluctuation, the resulting art is ephemeral. By design, Quantrian images vanish after ten seconds unless captured by the artist. The artist curates the most interesting artwork and preserves them in high-resolution graphics files.

From the truly random numbers, through proprietary generative algorithms, to the artist's personal curation, each of the 100 Quantrian Series 1 images is truly unique — the result of a quantumly randomized and personal artistic method that is impossible to replicate.

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Oct 2021
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