Project Homepage: Qizz.io/bugs

Unique collectable motoring characters, 24x24 pixel & 100 frames GIF animation, Bugging the blockchain since April 2021.

New Collection of motoring characters, will slowly grow over time - with new editions released in small batches. Each character unique 1 of 1 based on 24x24px size and 100 frames animation. Larger renderings in 480px (x20) and 1.440px (x60).

Genesis edition releases four different characters, all riding the same road and bumps: Number 1 (B/W - I will keep this), 2 (red), 3 (purple), 4 (yellow).

Initial price is ETH 0.12210 - which resembles "QIZZIO" with digits "012210".

About the artist:

Marino Qizzio, simplification maximalist, working with vector and pixels for reduced, but bold pictures with strong presence. ▷ QiZZ.iO

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