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Purple Flavour

For six years now, I have travelled every lavender season to the beautiful „Plateau de Valensole“ and spent a couple of weeks in this amazing region. The Purple Flavour Collection is not only a collection. It is a part of my life. Every year when I return to Valensole it feels as if I am ought to be coming home.
 Valensole is just like out of a fairy tale.
 The beautiful purple fields, the scent of lavender, the buzzing of the bees and the sun of the south France. I just love it. Furthermore.. I just simply need it.
 All the colors and the possibility to compose the fields in photography influenced my style in a way like nothing else. It is the main reason why I became addicted to colors and leading lines. And the flavour. Have you ever smelt this amazing purple flavour? 
I hope you can feel the purple flavour in these pictures, and share this dream with me. And like always i will donate 10% of the earnings to the


Sep 2021
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