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The Patagonian mountain range in southern Chile and Argentina are one of the purest forms of raw nature I’ve ever encountered. Ever since my first visit in 2017, it’s become a place in my mind so magical and surreal, that I’m constantly drawn back and usually at a loss of words.

This has been my strongest desire over the last 4 years. To properly capture the awe and wonder of this pristine landscape. It would require me to fully immerse myself for up to 3 months at a time.

A place that if I closed my eyes anywhere in the world, I could smell the air and taste the pure glacial water flowing freely within it. Thats why I love it there. Patagonia is pure! This type of journey can work wonders on the soul and remind us of how special our time here is.

“Pure Patagonia” is a glimpse into what the beauty of nature can do for the soul. How dramatic landscapes change with light.. just like us. Let Mother Nature in.. she has secrets to reveal only if you are ready to receive.

Aug 2021
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