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Official Pups Club Collection

The Cutest and Fluffiest corner of the Metaverse 🐾 💎 Pups Club is an NFT project that aims to build the first private Web3 community for Pet Owners and Pet Lovers using NFT technology and its smart contract capabilities.

Make sure to talk about the project to your friends and family - especially if they are pet parents as well!

This NFT collection brings you 10 000 of the most adorable and fashionable dogs …and includes 7 breeds! 

We have:

  • The Chihuahuas
  • The French Bulldogs
  • The Golden Retrievers
  • The Pomeranians
  • The Poodles
  • The Italian Greyhounds
  • The Yorkshires

And even more breeds will be added during subsequent drops!

We have spent months crafting each of these puppies along with their cute accessories and clothing. 

Yes, these are 100% handmade from scratch!

Pups Club was funded and created by

Dec 2022
Creator earnings