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Prelude for Orchestra

Prelude is the first new work for full orchestra on the blockchain. I composed this piece for the Gateway Chamber Orchestra and conductor Gregory Wolynec. We are releasing this NFT because we see this format as the future of artistic collaboration.

I have worked with Greg on many projects and I love the sense of community that he brings to his concerts. The Gateway Chamber Orchestra’s adventurous spirit makes them the perfect collaborator for this groundbreaking project.

Prelude is one of the first large-scale classical music NFTs. I chose the title Prelude because I see this project as an introduction to a better system for musicians and composers to control their own work.

This NFT contains unlockable content pinned to IPFS:

WAV file recording of Prelude - Video MP4 recording of Prelude - Sheet music to the full orchestral score and parts - Display GIF

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