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The Prayer Flag Project - META Foundation

PRE-SALE NOW LIVE ‘The Prayer Flag Project’ is a collection of 1080 impactful NFTs spreading good wishes and positive messages from Bhutan while supporting educational programs, and the cleaning of Bhutan’s mountains.

Designed from original paintings by Asha Kama, a leading Bhutanese artist and co-founder of VAST Bhutan, each NFT features a unique combination of a background painting, a traditional prayer stamp, and wind conditions. Additionally, acknowledging the importance of prayer flags’ natural decay within virtual space, the NTFs will interpret their impermanence by fading over the course of several months, reverting to their original state with each transaction.

It is brought to you by The META Foundation, in collaboration with VAST Bhutan, the Rubin Museum of Art, and Polygon Studios, and explores how virtual experiences can connect visitors to real communities to support and fuel local economies, while fulfilling and inspiring travel dreams from afar.

Aug 2022
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