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Prague Gallery Society

Your mission: You should choose to accept to help young artists worldwide with us. You're coming into a prestigious world where passion wins. Does every NTF enthusiast own at least one share of Prague Gallery, don't they?

Prague Gallery's story: Prague Gallery intends to use the world of NFT to get prosperous and sustainable. And we will share the results of our help with all of you. We've been supporting young artists with Stanislav Libensky Award for thirteen years; now, we need to activate young donors.

Prague Gallery's plan: In 2021 & 2022, We issued a limited edition of 100 NFT of Prague Gallery. Helping artists will not be virtual. We promise to return the proceeds to artists worldwide. We plan to build a Gallery - Museum in the most beautiful city of Prague that will exhibit the collection of young artists worldwide, where NTF holders will have free admission & much more. Your NFT-QR code is a ticket to our prestigious events.

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