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PPSwap NFTPunks (on Polygon)

Are you looking for an NFT that is driven by technology rather than by hype? Look no further, you have found it!

10, 000 NFTPunks are manually drawn by artist Christina. Each one is unique and thus rare. Most NFTPunks have at most five variants. They reside on the Polygon blockchain, enjoying the low gas fee for all transactions.

The NFTPunk project is fully driven by technology and the continuous development of all kinds of utilities including:

  1. PPSwap is an innovative ERC-20 token pre-sale launchpad without a liquidity pool. All NFTPunk holders will share the sales tax returned by the PPSwap launchpad pro rata.

  2. PPSwap Bump is an app that help promote other NFT projects by bumping their Discord servers so that new members will join these servers. An NFTPunk holders will share the revenue returned by PPSwap Bump pro rata.

More NFT collections will be developed, including PPSwap CryptoPunks and Fidget Penguins, all driven by technology and utilities.

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