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Possibility Spaces by Look Highward

Possibility Spaces are huge artworks created in an emergent series of calls and responses between artist and AI.

The art explores the human experience as seen through the mind's eye of machine learning, set across twenty-seven diverse realms of deep zoomable images. Please dive in to explore the full zoomable images on

This work seeks to position itself within the surrealist tradition, which has always sought to unlock the power of the unconscious mind to reveal hidden truths about being human. The mind's eye reaches for its own meaning so that perceiving the art is an act of creation. In keeping with the surrealist tradition, Possibility Spaces expresses the idea of welcoming imperfection, embracing glitch as beautiful.

The English language is made up of twenty-six little letters, but there's no limit to the number of possible poems that can be written. Creativity lies in synthesis into creations new, and never imagined.

Welcome to Possibility Spaces.

Aug 2023
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