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Birth of Vela Sirius

Polydueces combines all aspects of blockchain and NFTs.

Our first solar system is composed of 18 planets and 34 moons 5 asteroids 2 comets and 1 wormhole. Each one of the planets is numbered and the rarity is based on the number of cards. You can be part of the first solar system by purchasing collectible cards OR getting bounties/rewards by creating content. Each planet and moon is completely unique and rare. The seed cards continue to gain value as additional content is created underneath the original seed cards. Sub seeds are created by those who are wanting 5o increase the value of their seed cards and help build a universe from the ground up.

Each purchase is backed by an XLM contract that ties your card/land/resource with a (NFT) contract using the Stellar Blockchain. Polydueces has its own galaxy currency (PLYD) that collectors will use to collect and unlock exciting items in the universe!

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Jan 2022
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  • Blue: 7 to 7