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Poker Heroes

Poker Heroes is a generative art collection made up of 9,999 unique 3D avatars minted on the Polygon blockchain. Each avatar is rendered by combining 100+ unique poker-themed traits and accessories. These avatars come with built-in utility through a partnership with the World Poker Tour (WPT) that gives them superpowers in the form of $100,000 free rolls, the ability to skip the waitlist and play with celebrities like Steve Aoki and get access to WPT VIP live events.

The 9,999 avatars are divided into three rarity groups:

  1. Humans (60% of total supply)
  2. Cyborgs (30% of total supply)
  3. Gods (10% of total supply)

Users can use their avatars as NFT profile pics inside the upcoming World Poker Tour Global (WPT Global) online poker platform and unlock their poker superpower perks. #All-in

Jan 2022
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