Pokemon Salute

Update for Customers (12th/Apr/2021) - Shiny Pokemon are now being released! Each Shiny will cost 1 ETH. However, if you put an offer of 0.123 WETH for a Shiny Pokemon and you own the non-shiny version of that Pokemon, then I will accept the offer.

Pokemon Salute is the official place to collect Pokemon inspirational artwork! Please use the information below to identify which collection you are purchasing from.

Pokemon Salute Main Collection = Pokemon #001 to #898. Layout = Name/Number. Example: "Charizard #006".

Pokemon Salute Trainer Collection = Trainer #001 to #046. Layout = Trainer/Name/Number. Example: "Trainer Brock #001".

Pokemon Salute Mega Collection = 47 Mega Pokemon. Layout = Mega/Name. Example: "Mega Gengar"

Pokemon Salute Item Collection = Item #001 to #100. Layout = Item/Number/(Name). Example: "Item #020 (Poke Ball)"

Pokemon Salute Shiny Collection = Shiny Pokemon #152 to #200. Layout = Shiny/Name/Number. Example: "Shiny Chikorita #152".

Regards, Pokemon Salute.

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