Plastikman "Acid Drop - Sheet One"


‘Acid Drop’ is a limited NFT collection released today to celebrate 303 Day, the synthesizer at the heart of Richie Hawtin’s trademark Plastikman sound. Available as five individual editions, four of which are limited to 33 each and one open to auction, ‘Acid Drop’ is inspired by Hawtin’s first album as Plastikman, ‘Sheet One’ recorded in 1993.

The NFT is based on the original image of Richie Hawtin's Roland TB-303 used to create the iconic album. Each of the original melody patterns, signalled by the flashing red lights, have been stored in this particular 303 for the last 27 years with a number of battery changes along the way. As each TB-303 has its own unique character, Hawtin's 303 is the only one that truly sounds like Plastikman. This image was taken and processed by Richie Hawtin and includes the dry signal of the acid line from five tracks, as if this NFT contains the basic blueprint or DNA of Plastikman.

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