Welcome to PixaBrews! Where you can collect all your favorite suds! Each PixaBrew is created by a couple beer nerds and based on a real beer brewed somewhere on this pale blue dot! Brews are released in batches weekly, check back for new releases! Future releases & custom brews will be influenced by community involvement on our website (pixabrews.com - under development) and twitter (https://twitter.com/PixaBrews).

Collection details:

  • 1111 total 'Brews will be released slowly over the next year.
  • Only 1000 PixaBrews will be released total.
  • Only 100 UltraBrews will be released total.
  • Only 10 RareBrews will be released total.
  • Only 1 MasterBrew will be released, and will be released last.