Pink Buddha: When I Grow Up & Other Mantras

Excerpt: In 2009, Terri Lloyd's iconic Pink Buddha landed at Ground Zero, i.e., the L.A. art scene, and has been making absurdist mischief ever since. On never knows in what form the inperturbable PB will materialize. I has been sighted in guerilla theater performances, on YouTube, Facebook, in small press art-lit mags, in commie porn chapbooks, posters, paintings and other subterranean venues. Now, finally, Black Scat Books is proud to present this deluxe collection -- a full color trade paperback edition -- devoted to Pink Buddha's inspirational (and educational!) mantras. "When I Grow Up" is destined to win the hearts and minds of art connoisseurs are rabid consumers the world over.

Black Scat Books, 2016

This collection contains the original print files for the book, "When I Grow Up And Other Mantras."

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