NFT Moon Metaverse

We are creating a blockchain metaverse. The basis is the NFT Moon certificate. In total, there will be 10,000 land owners in the metaverse. Each certificate is unique and contains 6 levels of uniqueness.Currently, the first 33 NFT Moon certificate has been issued. The most unique and rare NFT token is the Genesis ownership. It is exclusive and has the highest level of value. There are also five more levels of value for them, slightly more than certificates. This is the ownership of land in the virtual metaverse of the Moon. The owner of NFT Moon is a co-owner of the metaverse and the game. This is an opportunity to build houses, cities, countries, create your own NFT facilities and create an economy. NFT is a good income for its owner, as you can not just sell NFT for more, but also make a profit as the owner of the game.

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