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Pepe Princess - The Original 2167 Crowdfunding Heroes

Pepe Princess (PRINCESS) is a community-driven project to use the power of meme tokens & generate life-changing gains for her community members.

For this, PRINCESS will share 2.5% of tax every month with 3 community members through a lucky draw (2.5% of monthly tax for Pepe is $180M which divided by 3 is $60M. PRINCESS is targeting a humble $1.5M tax per month which divided by 3 is $500k).

PRINCESS will also share 2.5% monthly tax with charities across the globe to make the world a better place.

To enable this, PRINCESS is looking for 2,167 crowdfunding heroes to contribute $100 each and receive 25M PRINCESS tokens in return (read more at to find out why 2,167 crowdfunding heroes & why 25M tokens each).

For this, PRINCESS is going to sell 2,167 NFTs at $100 each. Please support our cause & become one of the original 2,167 crowdfunding heroes & enjoy special voting rights post launch!

New NFTs will be posted every day. Thank you for your love & support! <3

Aug 2023
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