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Paying Debts by Other World

The advancement of my art involved sequential, gradual, and consistent experimentation. It was never a binary of a certain style “working” and another “failing.” The changes over time flowed, one after another, and came to me naturally. I went where the art took me.

The exhibited piece, “Paying Debts” is from a time where the strictly-collage style was expanding with a layer of illustrations. The main classical art piece that “Paying Debts” is based on is “The Last Statement” by Arthur Kampf.

This piece is important to me because it shows how far my art has come. My work gained traction in 2021, but not many people have looked back at my older work and how it has consistently evolved into where it is today. It’s important to look back into any artist’s career to see first-hand that it is almost never an overnight “success.”

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Aug 2023
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