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Patronize a Star

This is a charity project for space research foundations and for all humankind. Astronomers all over the world study stars and planetary systems to locate closest Earth-like realms and to chart our vicinity. That is a non-commercial activity and is not paid off. However, it is one of the most important research for our future.

Therefore the "Patronize a Star" NFT campaign is launched with the goal to assist in funding that activity.

Each NFT in this collection is a unique image of a constellation with one of the stars highlighted. That is the star you patronize when you purchase that NFT. Maybe an Earth-like planet will be found around the star you choose!

The stars are made in the form of an Ethereum symbol, paying tribute to the blossoming cryptocurrency epoch.

The raised funds are in part distributed to the foundations directly, as well as for marketing, logistics, administration and other purposes.

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