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Patagonia is Calling

I hope to teleport the child inside of you to these places through these 28 images taken with my smartphone.

Also, this collection is to inspire and help others remember the key factors in a good photograph in order to improve their photographic results.

Some things we can control and some others we cannot, so the real key factor is being awake for unexpected opportunities.

It all goes into one container: composition, which isn't just how we frame and place subjects but also the hour of the day, the season, and unpredictable momentary factors such as light changes that can last just a few seconds.

Focusing on this wins over hoping for magic from an expensive camera. Of course, if you mix this with a pro camera, the result will be even better.

Cameras do not perceive light and color in the same way that we do. That is why we need to focus on post-processing. It does not matter if you want to get a real or an unreal result; that’s a station where the train must pass.

Dec 2022
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