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Parallel Avatars

About this collection

ERC 721

Your Life in Parallel

In the expanding Parallel Universe, Avatars serve as the gateway to new experiences. Your Avatar will represent you not only in Parallel TCG, but in other upcoming online activations and explorations as well.

Owning an Avatar comes with a variety of exclusive benefits such as:

  • A boost to PRIME earnings when winning within the TCG*
  • Access to our latest activations and explorations as they premier
  • A casting call to have your Avatar featured in future comics or Parallel media

The OpenSea public drop will begin on July 11th at 5pm EST. 6,371 tokens will be available to mint. The rest of the supply will be pre-minted for Play to Mint, Giveaways and Team Allocation, or minted during The Manifest.
See our FAQ for more info about the supply distribution

All Avatars will reveal on July 13th, 2023.

*Boost is applied when winning with Avatar equipped and matches the winning Parallel's deck.

Items minted11,001
Parallel Avatars: Behind The Scenes

A Parallel Avatar is a curated, unique, procedurally crafted 3D model of a character from the 5 factions in the Parallel Universe (Kathari, Shroud, Augencore, Earthen, Marcolian). A team of 3D designers and artists with decades of experience at companies like Apple and Riot Games developed unique tools with additional curation by hand in order to create the most realistic representations of real characters for each faction.

Methodologically speaking, Avatars are among the most advanced PFP style drops in the history of Web3.


The Marcolians, in pursuit of absolute supremacy, laid claim to the entire red planet of Mars. Science and military might guide their way.


The Earthen, a civilization of those left behind, remained and cultivated a thriving society through patience and perseverance.


The Augencore found refuge on their ship Caine-1, augmenting themselves for deep space survival. For thousands of years, they’ve used technology to shape their bodies into perfect machines.


The Shroud, a mysterious force imbued with dark power. They serve a dark master beyond the stars.


The Kathari developed groundbreaking enhancements to the human genome deep below the frigid surface of Jupiter's moon, Europa. Underground, they thrived, engineering their own bodies to adapt to any environment.