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Paletta Projekt

You will find the path to true freedom with creative thoughts, which is why we promote a truly inspiring interface for creation. With the help of six contemporary artists, we bring the digital canvas to life and show you what true creative freedom is. Watch as they work and think together, merge their different artistic styles and envision a new way of artistic process through innovation and next gen technology.

Through the work of Ati Kertész, Valentin Szarvas, Nikon One, Bianka Bálint, Enikő Eged and Tamás Földes we would like to reinvent how people think about creativity and art in the coming web3 era. The artists share a single digital canvas and work together, building on each other's contribution, and in the end create a single artwork, minted as an NFT.

During the time of the auction, the NFT will be on display in the Ludwig Museum in Budapest.

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May 2022
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